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Ricky L Samuel Sr: Dirt Road Music by DJ Layne Luv

Being the Northern Yankee boy that I am, I’m always elated when I engage with someone from the Dirty South. To keep it simple…we just do shit differently. For example, you could walk by 10 northerners on the same street and not one of them will greet you. A southerner will greet you from 2 blocks away. I remember the day I met Ricky L Samuel Sr. (dat boi go by his WHOLE name so you know that’s country) From my days in the Navy, I know that people tend to be a total opposite of their appearances, so when I saw this 6’6 300 and some change big teddy bear….something about him made me know he was a gentle giant. I met him somewhere between December and January while I was literally living in the WTMH radio station. He would come up faithfully to Nyte Lyfe Recordz and lay down music for his project. While I would be in the other room working, I could hear that southern fried chicken soul in his music. Ricky even sang with a twang. LOL! When he was done, he would always stop by the SOHH offices and humbly ask Avian(CEO) and I…“How I sound fellas?….yall think I got one?” ….and I’m not gonna lie, the sincerity on his face, every time made me wanna bear hug him. But he didn’t need our approval, because I’ve been in this business long enough to know when someone is putting their heart and soul into their music.

Ricky L Samuel is from the good ol Peach State of Georgia. His job transferred him here to Ohio and from there he linked up with Raven Kapone who also happens to be his Masonic brother. As we talked about his “why” factor he mentions “Thomas County is a football county. Many athletes have had great success in college and in the pros from that small section of Georgia. They eat and breathe sports (football). My goal is to bring a Grammy back to my hometown, so that we will be known for our music too.”

When I heard him record Country Girl Good Lovin’ you can actually hear the courtship of a hard working man wanting to spend time with a southern belle in her trailer, listening to a nice long Al Green album as they romance the night away with slow dancing and four play. It is a courtship that people 35 and up can appreciate. When I asked Ricky about the charm of most southern men he replied “That comes from being raised by Mama and nem, and ya *Auntie, Big Mama and nem, that you learn from a young boy to talk to a women nice and with respect in your voice. When you’re raised right you talk right. But when it comes to talkin to a woman to receive her good lovin’, all I’ll say is that you can attract more bees with honey……”

Don’t Fool With The Snakes is a warning sign song most grown people know to well, almost self explanatory…but it still doesn’t hurt nobody to put a little music to it. Southern people have a way of telling a story in it’s most simplistic form, but it always feels like the wisdom of the ages. Snakes is just another song warning the listener to stay clear of shady people.

As an objective music critic, this project reminds me of Anthony Hamilton when he released Comin From Where I’m From. Not so much in sound quality and production, but in passion. The dirt roads that Ricky paints on this album, not only can the listener see it vividly in their mind, they can almost smell the moonshine in the glass jars on a humid day in the backwoods juke joint.

The project is not bad for Ricky’s first time out. There are a few amateur production snafu’s in some of the songs but that’s to be expected from and independent song writer and producer.

My favorite song on the album would have to be Eeewwgly. (as in ugly) I like the way it’s spelled and the way it’s pronounced. Like I said dem country boys have their own lingo.

Ricky L Samuel’s music is on all media outlets and my recommendation is that if you want to escape to the the plantations, the bayous, or the savannas down on the delta….look no further than The Thomas County Georgia Chronicles.






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