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BD3 & Unkle Nephew’s “For the Ancestors” explores America’s relationship with people of color

BROOKLYN, NY October 2020 – To cool the pandemic blues, organic hip-hop artists BD3 and Unkle Nephew (⅔ of Trew Culture Music) will drop Sunnydale Oct. 16. The project is a nostalgic Brooklyn-inspired mix of lyrics, beats, soul and funk sounds which push the envelope to create much-needed conversational pieces in today’s climate.

“Sunnydale is the representation of the summer in the inner city….. in New York,” BD3 explained. “It’s sweet and nostalgic, but filled with things that are not so good for you. Just like the drink, sweet but filled with artificial ingredients that aren’t good for the body — so were the summers you spent running around the Brooklyn streets. This is my love story to that feeling.”

“To some it’s a juice box. To others it’s nostalgia. It’s our childhood. It reminds us of a time when things were simpler. When the music matched the vibe of the city,” Unkle Nephew explained. “Sunnydale is old New York. Sunnydale is a love story. The story of our love for 90s NY. The music, fashion, slang, everything. We all love a good blend of Trew Hip-Hop/R&B and that’s what you’re getting on Sunnydale.”

Sunnydale’s double single “Why Do U Luv Me” and “For the Ancestors,” released a little over a week ago, is already at 10K streams and climbing. Both feature animated visuals of art imitating life directed by BD3, with a new visual dropping for “For the Ancestors” October 16.

BD3 describes “For the Ancestors” as a story of the “complicated relationship that we all have with America as people of color.”

“America has always been personified as a woman, so in this record I wanted to give her all of the qualities I thought she deserved. Powerful, attractive, but also deadly, vile and treacherous,” he said. “It’s a real abusive relationship that seems to have multiple layers to it, I wanted to uncover it.”

“Why Do U Luv Me” is a hip-hop/R&B-inspired ode to the 90s featuring Christina Flemming where BD3 says he takes “the liberty of answering that question for all those times I failed to do so.”

“That question that your woman asks you randomly, the one that you better not mess up. I remember in the summertime losing a lot of relationships because I used to get annoyed by the mere thought of answering this question. My answer would always be, ‘What you mean? What kind of question is that?'”

“LL Cool J and Janet Jackson were a big influence on this song. Janet’s ‘Janet’ album and LL’s ‘Mr. Smith’ album were on constant rotation,” said Unkle Nephew. “I loved the combination of hip-hop and R&B on those albums. The music of the 90’s holds a special place in my heart. The beats were raw and aggressive but had beautiful melodies on top of it. “Why Do U Luv Me” is my ode the 90’s, my favorite era of Black culture.”



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