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LashayOTB Training Day Winner

22 year old La’Shay O.T.B is a rapper from the 803, that is unlike any other female in the industry. Born and raise in Rock Hill, a small city in South Carolina. La’Shay O.T.B has a old soul, her music is very genuine and she only raps about what she know or has been through. She often ask herself “How do you know that this is really what you were born to do?” To answer that question, La’Shay O.T.B says “God has definitely let me see what I can become as long as I put in the work and don’t give up when it gets tough.”

Everything La’Shay O.T.B has done in school was based around music. She has been in numerous concerts and her family was based around music. La’Shay O.T.B father was a DJ and performed. Her brothers are rappers as well. Only problem is that no one in her family was willing to make this a priority. La’Shay O.T.B eat, sleep, and live for music. She don’t just love making music, but she wants to use it to give her 4 year old son and her 64 year young mom a better life. La’Shay O.T.B mom was just diagnosed with liver cancer and she just want to give her the life she deserve. In this industry you can make it out but you have to put in the work first and foremost you have to want it as bad as your last breath! She is La’Shay O.T.B!!!

Check out the first track that La’Shay O.T.B wrote titled Affection and let us know your thoughts!!!



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