Deme D New Yorker-based YouTuber Making Waves on social media with his Original Viral Content

His name is Deme D, Founder of DagogetaTv a famous YouTube channel that promotes Good music. Currently based in the heart of New Yorker, Deme D has been making waves online with his brand of original viral content. Picking up the video camera at a young age, he has always had a passion for making videos. His passion for Hip-Hop has pushed him to start a platform that brings opportunities to artists and in turn, make his impact in the industry. For many years the famous YouTuber has been actively running his YouTube channel to react and review Hip Hop music and everything else that has to do with them.

Deme D has always been drawn towards music, but something pushed him to take it seriously. In an Interview Deme D, shared why he decided to create his own YouTube Channel. “I launched the DagogetaTv 4 years ago. I just felt my knowledge, passion, and creativity would help me deliver quality content that I know YouTube gives the space to do & audiences are looking for” – Deme D.

Deme D loves making videos, he realized what he truly enjoyed more was being in front of the camera. With a drive to entertain, he decided to start creating content for YouTube. Deme D’s videos quickly gained popularity and even caught the attention of international publications. It can be a toxic environment, but it’s important to keep your head up and has confidence in the content you’re producing. Deme D definitely has the right stuff to make it as an influencer, and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

Keep an eye on Deme D. we are looking forward to his next moves and his career journey.




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