Hunnit Milez Putting Trenton Hip Hop On The Map

Hunnit Milez, an esteemed multifaceted artist, is coined for pushing Jersey Hip Hop to the forefront, Trenton to be specific. In 2018 Hunnit’s career officially began to take off. His 24/7 grind to perfect his craft is what got him and his family out of a distressed environment. Hunnit refused to fall victim to circumstances or become another statistic.

His authentic lyricism topped off with his signature street/trap sounds and vibes draws audiences in. His gripping wordplay depicts personal experiences he endured that made him the man and artist he is today, with continual growth. One of Hunnit’s missions is to inspire, motivate, and drive others to move from nothing to something.

Connect with Hunnit Milez below

Facebook: Hunnit Milez

Instagram: @iamhunnitmilez

YouTube: Hunnit Milez


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