Independent Artist/CEO JLC Releases “Illuminate One” (Single)

JLC, an independent artist/CEO along with A.A.G. Records release his new single titled “Illuminate One.” The track is already creating a frenzy on major radio and media platforms.

JLC depicts life’s age-old dilemma of should I stay or should I go. However, in his realm that pertains to his stance in the music industry. He touches on decisions artists face that ideally could change their lives for the better, but at what cost. Do they lean towards a halo risen shoulder or one ignited with flames?

Listers are sure to grip JLC’s feelings of being torn. Should he change his name? Should he sell his soul for fame? Those who know JLC, know he isn’t a man to bow down to intimidation. He follows his own driven path and his authenticity as a man and originality as an artist allows him to succeed and reign in the music industry.

Dramatic tones and striking bass heighten JLC’s unbending emotions and potent wordplay. Stream “Illuminate One” and connect with JLC below.

Connect with JLC

IG @jlcaagrecords



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