AlejandroMoney – Caricias / A Tale of a Bitch

AlejandroMoney I know your bitch ass won’t read this whole article, just know when they Google your trash ass track this will appear.

To my audience, I acknowledge that I’m being petty.

Before I get into this trash ass song, let me tell you about Colombian born rapper AlejandroMoney. If you follow me on any of my platfoms, I tell artist to do thier homework before deciding to work with anybody. Also an artist should make sure they are submitting thier track to the proper platform.

On Sunday AlejandroMoney decided that he should pay and submit his Spanish track Carcias to us, which by the way only has 31 views on YouTube (5 of those are views from me, by the way). Now anytime any artist submit their music, we listen and post the music to our site. Especially if they pay… Now this bitch of an artist will try and dispute, but we have thousands of artist that will validate us.

Back to the story… I listened to the track and guess what? I couldn’t understand the shit. WE ARE BASED IN AMERIACA AND WE SPEAK ENGLISH. If AlejandroMoney would have paid attention and did his homework, he would have realize that everything on our platform is English and should have realized that this may not the proper platform for his trash song. Hell he could have Dm’d the track and I would have told that it wasn’t for us.

I reached out to him and told him that we would give his money back, because we couldn’t understand what he was saying in the track. Oh, I have screenshots and will post them below. Instead of saying cool, he decided to start telling me what I better do and calling me a Nigga. I got screenshots…. THEN this trash ass bitch reported me to PayPal and got my account flagged.

Let’s get into the track Caricias from AlejandroMoney. All seriousness, I couldn’t understand the track and I refuse to put anything on my platform that can’t be understood by my audience or myself. The way he speaking over the beat was horible. Eventhough I couldn’t understand AlejandroMoney, I knew this shit was trash. That’s why it only have 31 views.

In closing, AlejandroMoney before you try to report me, let me remind you that this is MY platform, My shit. Anytime ANYONE Google your track AlejandroMoney – Caricias or maybe just your name, THIS WILL APPEAR somewhere in the list.. You little bitch.

Oh screenshots……



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