Meet BobbyJayTV, Founder And CEO Of MediaCultureNews


Bob Blessing Jacobs, professionally known as BobbyJayTV has already become a household name with his media company, MediaCultureNews. The blogger, entrepreneur, and influencer is dedicated to opening doors in the entertainment industry, by helping music artists, from all over the world, gain exposure.

Born and raised in Liberia, West Africa, BobbyJayTV developed an interest in entrepreneurship at a young age. His entrepreneurial spirit continued into adulthood, and led him to create MediaCultureNews LLC, which began as a online blog site aimed to shed light on talented, undiscovered musical artists. He is without a doubt one of Liberia’s most popular bloggers, reaching astounding heights that his predecessors and competitors could only dream of.

BobbyJayTV ’s achievement didn’t happen overnight; the, trauma, stress, heartbreak, and failure he had to go through to get here would have broken the normal man into a thousand pieces. BobbyJayTV, on the other hand, uses the same suffering to portray vivid depictions of a reality that many people are unfamiliar with. He captivates audiences with intimate narratives of surviving the Liberian Civil War.

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