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Edurk Black Pablo Taking Over With Awol G.Code Promotions

Edurk Black Pablo, along with wearing the hat of musician, artist, rapper, singer, and producer, is also CEO of the record label Awol G.Code Promotions. Based out of Birmingham, Alabama the label has four signed artists and is currently expanding.

Pablo carries lengthy, acclaimed accolades dating back to 1996 when he was a member of Dayton Family. As a member, he was signed to a major deal with Relativity Records. The hit single at the time “F.B.I.” peaked on Billboard 200 at #45. After that Pablo collaborated with Hip Hop icon Master P for 2 Gold Albums, ‘Down South Hustlers’ and 36 Mafia’s ‘Chapter II-World Domination. That led to a 50-state tour with Insane Clown Posse.

“I’ve been to prison, lost everything I had, lost my parents within a week apart, lost my brother, and ongoing life’s struggles force you to keep pushing on. That’s what I do and intend to continue doing.”

Pablo created quite the media/radio frenzy with his new hit single/video “Tear Me Down” and is currently charting#60 on Top 150 Independent Charts and at #161 on Top 200 Global Charts. No room to smell the flowers, Pablo is also in the studio polishing up upcoming music with multiplatinum producer Faided Beatz. Also in the works is The Dayton Family documentary “Dope Dayton Ave” along with summer concerts and tours with Gucci Mane’s artist Enchanting. “Big things are coming. I’m blessed and keep letting God drive the car.”

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Tiktok: edurkblackpablo


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