Independent Rapper Tapz Money Shares a New Album “All over the Map”

Tapz Money is one of the most real, rawest, and most respected rappers in the game right now. He knows how to evoke emotions in an audience through his songs. Tapz Money is among the rappers dominating the music industry these days because of his extraordinary talent. On his previous single, “War,” Tapz, Lucky3rd, and Young Tapz shined by keeping it 100% on the tracks to keep the listeners vibing to the songs.

The Wilmington DE-based artist Tapz Song released a new album “All over the Map” that lets the world know that he’s still that dude in the streets. The album contains 12 solid tracks and comes with a hard-hitting beat. He shared his latest delivering an impressive flow showcasing his personality. Tapz Money does this effortlessly as he rides and complements the catchy instrumental.

His latest album, “All over the Map,” is filled with all the vibes. It is important to keep track of Tapz and his quick progress because he is on the track to becoming an overnight success.

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