N3kr0t!k – Flesh in My teeth, Blood on My Hands

Rising up from a Wayne County trailer park, amidst the radioactive green glow, is the harshly assembled Freak Frankenstein known as “N3kr0t!k” (Nieko Castrodale). Many passions came and went throughout his mortal lifetime, but music always remained at the top of the pedestal. N3kr0t!k father was a hard rock vocalist for the Detroit band “Squid”, and his Grand father was one part of the Motown Do Op group “The Reflections”.

Determined to carry on this legacy from a young age, N3kr0t!k became a vocalist for a couple of one off punk bands, aswell as the Death metal band “Archon”. Shortly after, hard times fell upon the broken man, and he lost everything. One day, during this dark winter, his late cousin Bram and his Juggalo homies introduced him to underground rap/horrorcore, and instantly knew where he belonged. Casting away the weak flesh of his former self, he was stitched back up and made into a new entity and persona. Hellbent on proving the nay-sayers wrong and creating a universe in rhyme schemes, and hoping to relay some form of understanding within cryptic tales. N3kr0t!k released his first Cult Classic album, the “XP”. Ever since then, upon meeting many dope artists who became his mentors and homies, he’s been laser focused on completing the “N(V)erted” Project. A 20 track collab album consisting of his underground fam and many artists he looks up to. combined with doing many live shows and appearing on the Toy Gory 3 cypher from UGH, featuring Monoxide. Bringing his Schizoaffective rhymes to the forefront, and finally leaving a legacy.

Check out N3kr0t!k track Flesh in My teeth, Blood on My Hands above and let us know your thoughts!!!

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