Cas Metah x A-Plus x Aceyalone “Stripes” (Theory Hazit Remix)

What do you get when you take Cas Metah (Scribbling Idiots/Pow Bundy), put him in a studio with A-Plus (Souls Of Mischief/Hieroglyphics) and Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship/Project Blowed)? You get some serious STRIPES!


Tobotius (Animal Crackers) delivers a mean scratch hook and Theory Hazit (Scribbling Idiots) completely flipped the vibe from the original soulful version with D1 and Soulseize to something much more gritty. Capturing the essence of head nod hip-hop, “Stripes [Remix]” shows the world how these true artists do it from Ohio all the way to California!
This is the second single from the upcoming EP release from Cas Metah and Theory Hazit entitled Writer Fluid dropping August 5th!
Twitter: @casmetah @th3oryhazit
Instagram: @real_cas_metah @th3oryhazit

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