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Vetted Michigan Rapper On Point Delivers ‘PTSD’ Album

On Point, a former member of the rap group Snap Mode Click announces the release of his new album titled ‘PTSD.’ The 11-track project features an elite selection of talented artists including Matty P, FYA, Lil’ Keke, Melanie Rutherford, Down Pat, OG Tec, HSS, and King Meexh. The vetted underground Hip Hop artis/Pontiac, Michigan native invites listeners into a realm of brutal, yet relatable honesty about mental health. His unapologetic lyricism hits hard over a fusion of Hip Hop and Trap backdrops. A kaleidoscope of dark piano keys, fierce basslines, and drums drives the album and intensifies On Point’s rawness.

“Vert” is the album’s intro and strikes with chilling piano keys as On Point repeats how he’s haunted by shadows of his past, which sets the theme and tone of what’s to come.

“Pain” looks into battling demons from childhood through adulthood. On Point has been through so much that he makes coping appear easy. But definitions of coping vary, for him it’s many nights of liquor and weed. “Cold Sweats” is about waking up from nightmares, and feeling stressed about settling old debts. On Point finds himself waking up in panic aiming weapons in all directions. “Anxious” justifies why OnPoint is a walking grenade. He walks with premonitions of danger, an overthinking mind, and a toxic presence. Again, his way of coping is not by answering the phone, but rather by getting inebriated while trying to deal with an undeniable curse.

“Darkness” touches on isolation, only allowing himself to scrape by in solo mode, maybe because he’s felt no love from the start. He pops bottles in the morning just to function and is blunted by noon. His only friends appear to be past haunting shadows. “On The Edge” brings up weakness and drowning in sorrow. On Point feels chased by anger, pain, and voices in his head, which leave him literally on the edge.

“Breathe” begins with soulful melodies and offers hope for On Point, a reminder to breathe. He acknowledges he’s come up from the gutter, he acknowledges he’s been a G from the start, and he acknowledges that life’s lessons turn into blessings. On Point emanates a vibe to become legendary status both for his family and his music.

“PTSD” recaps some of the horrors On Point has endured during his lifetime. To stay above ground he lives off the porch and out the cell. Nobody wants to see him win especially armored police.

“Circles” is about relationships from a man’s perspective. On Point is dealing with a one-sided love that ultimately has him going in circles unable to stop. He searching for loyalty, respect, and someone to believe in. Instead, he’s encircled in accusations, living in the past, a heart running on empty, and a lack of communication. His one question is will he be missed when he’s no longer here?

“Hate” brings to light the thickness in the air from everyone hating on each other. However, On Point’s reasoning is simple; if you are being hated on then you are living life as you should be. If you are being hated on their jealousy is your success. ‘Outta Control” serves as the album’s finale. Graphic lyrics depict On Point’s behavior and possessed mind. His demon battling surpasses any rationale.

On Point delivers an intense body of work that embodies the way his mind operates, how his emotions flow, and his attempts to cope and maintain. ‘PTSD’ is an album that needs to be heard worldwide as it offers harsh realities and unyielding vulnerability. Stream the album and connect with On Point below.

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Facebook: @onpoint248
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