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Chris Dorado Presents “Trench” Featuring F.T. Street Smartz, G.O.D. PT. III, Raf Almighty

Chris Dorado is an American Hip Hop music producer from Hillside, New Jersey. Chris entered the music business under the mentorship of Pace Won and R of the Outsidaz and developed into a production protege.

In 2015, Chris met Pace Won at a Hip Hop show in Brooklyn, NY. After some discussions, Pace recruited Chris to be a part of Team Won and Shady Corps with the potential to become an in-house producer. In 2016, Chris began associating with R and the rest of Team Won. Pace began mentoring Chris on music production, recording a few demos by the end of the year. In 2017, Chris, R, Pace, and Team Won began recording several demos. In 2018, Pace and R began working on collaborations with Chris as supporting producer under the moniker Chris Dorado.

In 2021, Chris began working on a debut producer album with a variety of guest vocalists including Pace Won, R, Young Zee, and much more. The debut single is ‘No Apology Letters’ starring D.V. Alias Khryst and Trife Diesel. The second single is ‘Trench’ starring F.T. Street Smartz, G.O.D. Pt. III, and Raf Almighty. The third single is ‘Vent’ starring Freestyle & D-Stroy of the Arsonists and D.V. Alias Khryst. The fourth upcoming single is ‘The Abyss’ featuring Pace Won, Rockness, Lady Luck, Solomon Childs, M-Tri, and Astro Vandalist. The album is titled ‘Daylight’ and to be released in late 2022.

Trench is the track that was shared with us and there are several artist on it that’s spitting. The qulaity of the video is what impreessed us the most, it felt like we was rocking with them as they was shooting the video.

Check out Chris Dorado Presents Trench video which features F.T. Street Smartz, G.O.D. PT. III and Raf Almighty above and let us know your thoughts!!!


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