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Mississippi Artist Staff G Announces The Release of His ‘2001’ Project


Staff G, an indie Hip Hop artist hailing from Carthage, Mississippi announces the release of his new project ‘2001.’

“Listeners and fans will gravitate towards my new tape. It has all Pharrell, Timbaland, and The Neptunes style beats.” – Staff G

The 11-track project includes production credits from MBWAV and Elijah Melo, with samples from Timbaland and The Neptunes. Each track hits differently but circles around the theme of love, relationships, and desires. Staff G shows off his unmatched, uncanny lyrical deliverance that exudes a raw sense of emotions.

The seasoned artist weaves together clear-cut wordplay and storytelling so audiences can both envision and feel his lyrical tales. His flow over an array of smooth, infectious backdrops resonates throughout the entire project.

‘2001’ is refreshing to the ears not only musically but with substance as well. Not many artists touch on their desires when it comes to relationships and positive love, or the journey of meeting someone to building a foundation, to truly being there for one another. It’s evident Staff G welcomes this and has no qualms with self-expression. The project will draw in both the fellows and the ladies for a one-of-a-kind head-nodding experience. Stream ‘2001’ and connect with Staff G below.




Instagram: @heystaff

Twitter: @heystaffG

Tik Tok: @heystaffg


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