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Forsaken returns with his new energetic EP, “For The Hell Of It”

Orlando, Florida-based rapper Forsaken shares his newest EP, For The Hell Of It, with various outstanding elements featuring Gawdzy, which is available to all streaming platforms. The EP follows the previously released “No Time” and “Air It Out.”

His astonishing EP titled “For The Hell Of It” is a 6-track work. The Ep is themed around living in the moment and making the best of every situation. Forsaken found passion in making music as a creative outlet to express his emotions and lifestyle that are responsible for who he is today. With his impressive vocals and a sharp ear for sonics, Forsaken has proven he is ready for the mainstream. So, stream the EP below and vibe out!

Stream Forsaken’s For The Hell Of It on Spotify.

Connect with Forsaken: Instagram


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