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LROC – Tennessey Honey

Intro to LROC

Raised by his mother in Tacoma, Washington, LROC learned to live by two acronyms. The first being the words that make up his name: Love, Respect, Obligation and Currency. ‘’They collectively represent 4 things I focus on in life, which in turn, makes me who I am”.
The second being the phrase, “Everybody Eats” (EBE) which comes from the notion that if you eat, the people around you should be eating too.

Due to these lifestyle principles, LROC has established himself as a dope rapper, a well-respected business owner and an entrepreneur within the entertainment industry.

LROC- The Rap Artist

LROC unintentionally got his start in music after his cousin took him to a home studio one day, where he was encouraged to spit some bars. “Once I realized I could rap, that I had the opportunity to rap, meeting the people that I’ve met and getting to do the things that I got to do, that changed the game for me. I had no clue I could be this passionate about something because I can create it.” Thus began the conception of LROC, the rap artist.

LROC’s catalog includes his first two mixtapes EBE 1 and EBE 2. He then dropped his debut album, “1008” before signing with MYL Music Group (Money Yields Lifestyle).
LROC dropped two collaborative works with MYL. Following his departure with MYL, LROC dropped his 2nd solo album in February of 2019, titled “King Amongst Kings,” which featured a variety of rappers from the Pacific Northwest. Although this project did not take off as he thought it would, he wasn’t discouraged. He was gearing up for bigger moves.
In the Spring of 2019, he partnered with his friend and fellow rap artist, Leon Phelps to create LX3 Entertainment Inc.

Wasting no time, LROC went straight to work, releasing his first LX3 project, “For The Summer.” LROC followed his Summer EP with four full albums released from 2020 to 2022. “X I X (Ten For Ten), his double album, “Luxury” and “Trap,” and finally, “The Art Of Playmaking.”
In between album releases, LROC continued to work, dropping a variety of gully singles, fire music videos, and bringing back his spoken word series titled, The Street Diaries.” Here his method of delivery proves he does not need a beat to produce thought provoking bars filled with raw emotion and meaningful messages.

You can find LROC online at and on all music and social media platforms under @longlivelroc.

LROC – The Businessman

LROC’s genius goes beyond a beat and a mic. He is a creative mastermind, brilliant businessman and above all, a living legend. He has built a legacy, that he will proudly hand down to his own kids one day.

In 2019, LROC strategically began building his team with motivated and trusted talents. Ranging from producers to videographers to graphic designers and other artists, LX3 has quickly become a powerhouse in the Pacific Northwest.

The LX3 creative space does not just house a recording studio. It is also home to a multitude of podcasts, live online radio shows, and a photography studio.
LROC has ambitions that are far greater than music. His creative mind has led him to a number of opportunities he has embraced such as: creating and producing his own variety of wines, and breaking fashion trends with his own inclusive, fashion forward clothing. He’s even been enticed by the big screen, co-starring in a dope Independent film called “You’re Highered” available to stream on Youtube.

Due to his incredible work ethic and forward thinking mind, LROC is always going to find a way to elevate, make money, and above all else…be Legendary.


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