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Multi-faceted Artist Souleye Presents His 12th Studio Album ‘Disguised As Tomorrow’

Well-established Hip Hop artist Souleye announces the release of his 12th studio album titled ‘Disguised As Tomorrow. The 13-track project features Big Samir, Main Flow, Lila Rose, Esjay Jones, and seven-time Grammy Award-Winner & wife Alanis Morissette with production by Bil Bless.

The collaborations on the album delve into multi genres from South African Rock to Hip Hop, from rapping to singing. Souleye shows off his mastery not only as a multi-faceted, dexterous musician but also as a lyrical prodigy and storyteller.

Souleye switches gears a bit in this album to offer more moody and dark storylines which allow listeners to grip onto the album’s complexity. But with complexity (as seen on the album’s cover) comes provoked thoughts that can open a door to self-exploration or self-reflection. ‘Disguised As Tomorrow’ renders just that.

Compelling backdrops and arrangements encompass the raw substance from each record and intensify the experience Souleye provides for audiences. There are hair-raising moments and soul-wrenching moments felt by Souleye’s deliverance of sharp lyricism as well as resonating Quotables.

Whether you are a connoisseur of Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Soul, etc., Souleye delivers a fused kaleidoscope of entangled lyrical verbiage that spotlights a world of conundrums. Stream ‘Disguised As Tomorrow’ and connect with Souleye below.

Stream the album on preferred platforms – Souleye – Disguised As Tomorrow (

Connect with Souleye below

@Souleye on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Full tracklist for ‘Disguised As Tomorrow’

Emergency (feat. Alanis Morissette)

Human Spirit

New Chapter

In The Background

Letter To The Old Me (feat. Big Samir and Main Flow)

Exit The Maze

The Unheard (feat. Lila Rose)

Infinite Symphonies



Protected (feat. Esjay Jones)

Weight Of Your Soul



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