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News – Heritage Hip Hop Celebrates The Culture & Essence

CEO, Karev of Heritage Hip Hop proclaims, we are not just music. Hear more below.

With the catchphrase “we introduce the world to its” future favorite artists while giving honor and crown to the people that have built the foundation of the culture”, Heritage Hip-Hop has emerged as a voice when it comes to honoring and breaking talent in Hip-Hop and more.

Hosted by Karev, a member of the Heat Djs100 FleetDjs New Jersey Division, this Hip-Hop movement is noted for giving some of the best interviews an artist can experience in their flourishing career. New artists and veteran artists alike speak on the detail and care that Karev gives to the artists and their work when asking questions that are relevant to the artist not just focusing on the hot topics in the culture today.

Heritage Hip-Hop was built on telling the story of artists by honoring the original pavers who were not being talked about in the culture. Names like Gov MAttic and Big Snuff come to mind along with many others that are forgotten and Heritage Hip-Hop makes it a point that the stories of those great artists and so many others are being heard.

Taking inspiration from media greats in the industry like VJ Ralph McDaniels of Video Music Box and Doggie Diamonds of and the Doggie Diamonds No Filter Podcast, Karev uses Heritage Hip-Hop to focus on music and give interviews that show the intelligence and depth of artists’ personalities and catalogs as well. Heritage Hip-Hop is more than music….

The platform focuses on Hip-Hop on all levels and communities in the industry. With different outlets like “Blerd-Hop” that focus on Hip-Hop in comics, games, cosplay, and visual media, Hip-Hop is not lost on the anime generation’s celebration of it. With “The Mic Council”, Heritage Hip-Hop talks about social issues that affect the culture like racism, economics, and more. This is a deep conversation that keeps the social consciousness of Hip-Hop alive.

With a website that breaks new music through blogs and promotions Heritage Hip-Hop has members-only mixtapes, albums, and playlists released to its followers. The Best of the Outsidaz was blessed by the members of the original group and fans just the same. Heritage Hip-Hop also has an annual Hip-Hop Award show, held on the last Saturday of August. This year will mark the 7th Award show for the brand. Awards are given to the best project, artist, a One Mic award for statement makers in the culture, and the Gov Mattic award that celebrates people in the Hip-Hop Community that give back to the culture and use Hip-Hop to make a difference in the world.

Heritage Hip-Hop celebrates domestic Hip-Hop from NJ and around the globe supporting international Hip-Hop artists as well. Join the Movement by following Heritage Hip-Hop on their website and follow their social media movement. “Hip-Hop is bigger than music. We are God’s people and if we are his Heritage and our culture is Hip-Hop. Then God’s Heritage is Hip-Hop.”



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