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Codiac – It’s Too Late, I Dropped

One of the first in his Jamaican family to be born in the States, (Cincinnati, Ohio on August 7, 1995), Samaad Terrel Thompson has garnered an expansive catalogue consisting of underground and official mixtapes, albums and EPs. Currently focused on building the musical brand he’s always dreamed of, there’s no sign of him quitting soon.

When he was 13, Samaad would go on to suffer a knee injury that made him do physical therapy and shifted his focus from sports, to music shortly after where his 8th grade English class taught him poetry in a way that clicked. From that summer (2009) going into his Freshman year, would start the musical journey of Samaad, who went by the name “Terrell” at this point. Over the next 7 years he would create an astonishing total of 17 projects before changing his name to “Codiac” going into 2017.

Debuting as Codiac with the album “In My Skin” and finally establishing his label idea by bringing on two artists, $hak Witta Dolla Sign and DatBoiDose (dropped in April of 2022). Codiac would later go onto release a second album and eventually an official mixtape in 2019. Prior to moving to LA in 2020, he would bring on a new artist to the roster. Nick SwshR had been a high school friend he met in 2012 that he’d always wanted wanted to have on board any label plan that would come later on.

After performing in Vegas for 2HotRadio and earning a spot to perform at the BET Awards, Samaad has taken a step back to focus on the release of the album “Yours Truly” and build the All Black Hearts catalogue with his artists as he continues to build a place where artists that may have a “black” heart due to tainted life experiences, can still aspire to shine.

The It’s Too Late, I Dropped is a little different from what we typically listen to. But it was an enjoyable listen.

Check out Codiac’s album It’s Too Late, I Dropped above and let us know your thoughts!!!


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